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We help organizations leverage the power of voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to better connect, understand and engage with their customers



Enable your customers to have meaningful ‘conversations’ with your brand on the voice channel



Understand customers better, improve service levels and collect feedback using the voice channel



Let your customers engage conveniently with your brand in the most natural way - Voice


Are you ready for a:

The world is rapidly moving towards a state where everything around us will be voice controlled – from ordering food and shopping for daily needs to carrying out banking transactions and listening to audio. Voice is poised to bring about a paradigm shift in man-machine interactions.

Relevant Trends

Smart speakers already sold in the US alone
30 %
Google searches already happening using voice
Estimated voice-enabled devices worldwide by 2022
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Get your Podcast on Alexa in just a few clicks
Voice Up Your Store_App
Shopify App

Shopify App

Enable your customers to talk to your eCommerce store
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Voice Site

Voice Site

Create a presence for your brand on the Voice channel

Appointment Scheduling on Voice Assistants

Hospitals, activity clubs, salons, or restaurants - everyone needs their customers to book appointments with their businesses. Wouldn't it be super convenient for your customers to just talk to your business through a Voice Assistant to schedule appointments?

Customer Care on Voice Assistants

Did you know that 75% customers leave a brand because of poor customer service? And nothing is more irritating to customers than listening to IVRs or waiting on phone for a real human to answer their queries and log their issues. Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could speak to your business on Alexa or Google Assistant and log their issues and inquiries?

Voice Recipes for Celebrity Chefs

Accessing recipes on Voice Assistants is popular for a very obvious reason: It provides a convenient hands-free experience when, more often than not, both your hands are either busy or dirty. And there are so many things that you need to take care of when creating a recipe skill to make it easy for the user to follow directions.

Training, Learning and Development

Voice Assistants are becoming useful tools for L&D departments of enterprises to disseminate trainings and information across the organization. This especially becomes important for large organizations having a geographically distributed workforce

Appointment Scheduling
Customer Care
Voice Recipes for Celebrity Chefs
Training, Learning and Development


I knew my podcast had to be available on smart speakers, but didn't have a clue how to get started. VoxxUp made the process easy, and I love all the ways I can customize the listening experience!

James VanOsdol

Podcaster / Digital Innovator / RJ
The VoxxUp team did a great job in creating our presence on the Voice channel. Not only did they turn it around in quick time, they did an awesome job on the conversational design too.

Kundan Shendurkar

Founder, Lemontree Media

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