Owing to rapid technological advances, today we can have real conversations with speakers, phones, cars, televisions and many other devices. Alexa, Google Assistant and other voice assistants have become an integral part of our lives. The number of people using these voice assistants has gone up exponentially. In fact, the growth rates currently being witnessed for the adoption of voice are the highest ever for any technology!

But why? What makes Voice so attractive? Here are a few thoughts:

Ease of execution

First simple reason: It is very very easy, for all we have to do is just talk. We don’t need to take out our phone, open an app and select the playlist to listen to music, or we don’t need to physically go and turn on the lights. Speaking comes naturally to humans. People of all age groups, across different demographics can adopt this technology easily, without any user manuals. Senior citizens and people with little technological know-how also find it easy to adopt.

Voice is the most hassle-free and frictionless way of getting things done.

We speak faster than we type

An average person speaks around 140 words per minute as compared to around 50 words that he / she can type. A clear indication that they can get things done faster as they speak to machines as compared to giving written commands. Add to it the ability of voice assistants to understand different accents and different phrases to get the same thing done, we have a very strong proposition for the adoption of these assistants.

We like multitasking

Voice assistants can help us multitask in many ways. They can help you navigate through traffic, fetch you latest news update at your breakfast, turn off your bedroom lights without you getting out of your cosy comfortable bed – all these things and with a human touch!

Maturity of technology ecosystem

Did you know that the “hearing capability” of these smart devices is almost as good as human hearing?! Add to it the increasing popularity of Cloud-based technologies and the advances in AI, these voice assistants have been able to reach a level where they can have meaningful conversations with the end user.

Voice assistants are getting better by the day and are bound to improve the convenience of end consumers. We are just getting started in this domain, but interesting times ahead!

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