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What is a Voice Site?


Trends clearly indicate that more and more people are preferring to gather information about businesses & brands that they engage with, on voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You have had a website for years; it’s time to give your brand a voice now! If you are not on these Voice channels, you are missing out on engaging with prospective & existing customers.

We refer to these ‘voice-apps’ – which give information about businesses and enable your customers to have meaningful conversations with your brand – as Voice Sites.

35% Browsing Sessions

Estimated to be screen less by 2020

225 Million

Estimated # of smart speakers by 2020

Big Global Brands

like Uber, Starbucks, and NY Times already have Voice Sites

Introducing the VoxxUp Framework for delightful Voice Sites

The VoxxUp Framework helps in creating a Voice Site on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in a matter of days (if not hours!)

Conversational Interface

A well-defined framework to create a smooth Voice User Interface ensures that users have a delightful experience ‘talking’ to your brand

Multi-Modal Experience

With the VoxxUp framework, you are assured that your Voice Site delivers an awesome experience on voice-enabled devices WITH or WITHOUT screens

Quick and Affordable

The framework enables us to create, test and move your Voice Site to Alexa and GA in a matter of days at an affordable cost

Join the #VoiceFirst revolution! Get a Voice Site today!