Over the last two decades, there have been two very distinct technology revolutions. First, we graduated from a primarily ‘offline’ world to everything being online. Everyone wanted a website, financial transactions and shopping were done on the web and billions around the world got access to a sea of information on the internet. And then came the #MobileFirst revolution. The last decade or so belonged to mobile apps, where all what was being done on the web started happening on smartphones. Having the internet in your pocket, with the convenience of being able to do all that on the move took the adoption to an entirely different level.

And now the next big disruption is here: Voice. The #VoiceFirst revolution is already happening in a big way: Consider these numbers:

  • The installed base of smart speakers is expected to reach 200 million in 2019
  • Shopping on only Alexa-enabled devices is expected to reach $5B by the year 2022, with 45% of millennials already shopping on voice-enabled devices
  • 35% of browsing sessions are expected to be screen less by as early as 2020
  • 30% of Google searches are already being done using Voice

With such incredible numbers and projections, we cannot deny the fact that Voice has surpassed the initial testing phase and is becoming an integral part of people’s lives. Everything around us is poised to become voice-controlled – from ordering food and shopping for daily needs to carrying out banking transactions and listening to music, podcasts or news. Voice is going to bring about a paradigm shift in man-machine interactions.

As Voice technologies mature and evolve at a rapid pace, businesses can adopt innovative ways to use this channel to connect and engage better with their customers. Every single industry vertical will need to explore relevant use cases to utilize this upcoming channel intelligently and effectively. We are excited about the immense possibilities that Voice opens up in various domains. One thing is for sure: Voice is here to stay!

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