Consider this: 133 million smart speakers have been sold in the US alone and around 80% of the users are using these gadgets to consume audio content, including radio, news and podcasts. With smart speaker adoption growing at exponential rates, voice assistants moving into cars and people getting comfortable using voice to get things done, more and more users are preferring the truly hands-free, screen-free and hassle-free experience of listening to podcasts on these voice-enabled devices. Hence, it’s a no brainer that you ought to get your podcasts on to this channel sooner than later.

Now, if you are worried about how to get your podcast series on to the Alexa channel, sweat no further. VoxxUp got it all covered! You can have your podcasts on to Alexa in a matter of minutes using our innovative platform. Also, using VoxxUp to create your Podcast Alexa Skill automatically introduces features that make listening to podcasts on these devices an absolute delight!

Here are a few reasons why you should use VoxxUp to create your Podcast Alexa Skill today:

Hassle Free

Create and submit your Alexa skill in less than 5 minutes. We take care of all the technicalities so that you can focus on publishing great content.

Personalized Experience

Personalize your podcast by adding custom show opener ideas and closing messages. You can also use the opening and closing message features to introduce pre-roll and post-roll ads into your podcast skill. You can choose to collect listener feedback and exclude/include any particular episodes from the skill.

Listening Experience

Deliver a superior listening experience by enabling the end user to navigate through the podcast episodes using simple voice commands. The user will be able to forward, rewind, jump to a particular minute, move forward / backward through episodes – just like any audio player on their phone. A truly hands-free and screen-free experience!

Listener Analytics

Is there anything more important than the data about your podcast listeners? Get detailed analytics like a number of hits, unique users, returning users and interaction trends through our extensive dashboard.

Automatic Updates

Whenever you update your Podcast feed, VoxxUp ensures that it is made available to Alexa listeners without any manual intervention. We periodically check for updates to your podcasts and make it available on your Alexa skill. Alternatively, you can also sync your podcast feeds manually through our platform.

Multi-modal experience

Every podcast skill created using VoxxUp is optimized for a multi-modal experience – works beautifully on smart speakers and also on Alexa devices with a screen.

Social sharing

An important driver to redirect traffic to your podcast Skill is to let the world know that you are on Alexa. VoxxUp provides the ability to share the link of your live podcast skill to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. A little self-marketing doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?!

Highly Affordable

For all this, you pay a monthly subscription of just $9.99 per skill – now isn’t that the best part!!

Do you need any more reasons to create your podcast skill using VoxxUp?!

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