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The VoxxUp Accelerators

We have had the privilege of working with clients across the globe on diverse voice use cases. This
extensive experience has helped us in developing accelerators that can be customised quickly to
your specific needs, enabling you to voice up specific use cases for your business.

Appointment Scheduling

From yoga studios and boxing clubs to hospitals and salons, we have worked with all of them to enable their customers to schedule appointments with their respective businesses. Helps in streamlining operations and delivers customer delight.

Customer Care

Wouldn’t it be great if your customers could speak to your business on Alexa or Google Assistant and get answers to their issues and inquiries? That’s exactly what we are doing for our clients. It not only reduces the number of calls to your call centers, but also delivers a great experience by saving the customer the misery of waiting on customer care queues.

Voice Recipes for Celebrity Chefs

Cooking being an activity where both hands are generally engaged / dirty, recipe skills provide a convenient hands-free interface to the users. And there are special ‘ingredients’ that make a recipe Skill / Action usable and delightful. We have a unique offering to create recipe voice-apps that deliver a delightful user experience.

Training, Learning and Development

Working with a huge financial services company having thousands of employees across hundreds of office branches. The effort is to ensure that a new set of values defined by their leadership is understood by each and every employee. Google Assistant on Android phones makes it easy to disseminate information / trainings fast and in an interactive manner.

Reach out to us for any custom voice use case requirement and we will be happy to help!